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That Now I'm Not There

T  hat Bob Dylan is something of an enigma has long delighted and frustrated his fans. The fact that Dylan himself is the architect of his enigmatic status only heightens both the joy and annoyance felt by his acolytes and detractors both. Bob Dylan, nee Robert Zimmerman: Hobo; apprentice of Woody Guthrie; folk musician; cowboy; electrified rock god; Christian zealot; poet; Rimbaud wannabe; Verlaine wannabe; hipster; recluse; nerd; Nobel prize winner, somehow. How much of these personae are real and how much just hype only Dylan himself knows.   Now director Todd Haynes, best known for a film about ill-fated crooner Karen Carpenter and another about a fictional version of David    Bowie, attempts to unmask the real Dylan by plumbing the depths of the mythical one. I’m Not There presents a variety of characters inspired by the real Dylan and several imagined ones, including a young boy riding the rails; a folk singer; an actor and an ageing Billy the Kid. Each section of the film has

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