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 Have you ever been trapped on a strange island with weird people who may be monsters? Has a wizened old man conjured a violent storm to punish you? Were there songs involved? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be a character from Shakespeare.  Or, if the storm is a real Shit Storm, maybe you’re a character from the wonderful land of Troma!


Lloyd Kaufman, co-founder of TROMA, writer, director, producer, creative genius, an uncle to the world of weird, brought the world Shakespeare’s Shitstorm , a wild reimagining of the Bard’s classic play. Kaufman directed, co-wrote (with Gabriel Friedman and Brandon Bassham) and stars as Prospero.

This brash, weird retelling of The Tempest sees Prospero luring a ship full of pharmaceutical executives to Tromaville to punish them for their bad behavior.  

It is full-on, off the rails, brain on fire levels of bonkers Troma goodness and you need it in your life. You need it, most of all, on  a big, big screen in a theater surrounded by other weirdos cheering for insanity. And –


You need to see it with Lloyd Kaufman (yeah, that’s right, Lloyd Motherfucking Kaufman) in attendance to answer your questions after the show.


Oh yeah – we almost forgot, you need to see it with the Goons from Bloodfest the Podcast right there!


If you are reading this, nodding and thinking “yeah, that is what I need”, then have we got good news for you! You will want to watch this space – especially in you live near St. Louis, Missouri or Springfield, Missouri or Joplin, Missouri or even Pittsburg, Kansas. Bloodfest the Podcast is going to make an announcement along wit Alamo Drafthouse and Troma Entertainment and you won’t want to miss it!

Really tho! Don't mis it, yo.


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